LinkedIn+Social Media for Young Pros - Cal St LA Hispanic Business Association

The Hispanic Business Association at Cal State LA invited me to lead a workshop on using LinkedIn and Social Media as a tool for career development for young professionals.


We had 1 main goal for the discussion - feel better equipped in using LinkedIn (primarily) and social media to open up professional opportunities. 

To accomplish that, we went over these concepts: 

When it comes to Linkedn...

* Seek to inform, be easily searchable, and get recommended. 

* Use search to find, message, and connect with decision makers by ultimately generating next steps. 

* Use Companies and Schools to tap into networks and open dialogue with possible employers.


And in approaching social media as a whole, young professionals should:  

* Build up Skills & Endorsements by asking people to +1 keywords you want to be known for.

* Share content that tells the story around your skills and networks. 

* Leverage networks by using Twitter to build a brand and voice, LinkedIn to validate yourself and connect w/ decision-makers,    and Facebook to keep a historical record of networks. 


We finished off by having a LinkedIn working session. The members of HBS Cal St LA had 15 minutes to come up with the following:

* 20 personal keywords/terms they would like to be associated with (i.e social media, CRM, CMS, email marketing)

* 5 companies they'd like to explore career opportunities at

* 3 networks they currently belong to

* 3 recommenders to request a LinkedIn recommendation from 

* 1 sample message they would send to a new professional connection

After the 15 minutes we did a large group share-out and a Q&A. 

Check out these 2 articles on pro tips to optimize your LinkedIn - "10 Tips To A More Professional LinkedIn Profile" & "How LinkedIn Can Help Your Career Stand Out."

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