#SugarCoatedFuture Chat with @CHCInc

I worked with my friend and the awesome leader Griselda Vargas to help Community Health Council organize a Twitter chat focusing on health, food access, and impact of sugary beverages in communities of color. Inform, organize, connect, mobilize type of adventure.

It was called #SugarCoatedFuture, brought together 7 additional institutional partners, and had more than 120 Twitter accounts participating in the hour-long conversation. I also facilitated a training for the partners after the chat, which you can read about here


The results were pretty exciting... 

- 101 RTs (compared to average of 5 RT's/day)

- 16 link clicks (compared to average of 2 link clicks/day)

- 2.9% engagement rate in 1 hour (compared to 2% average daily engagement)

- 137 total participants 

- #SugarCoatedFuture was included in 1,224 individual tweets

- 11,374 organic impressions

(source: analytics.twitter.com, tweetarchivist.com)   

Enjoy the Storify recapping the best and most informative parts of the discussion!