Summary of webinar - "Create Content Your Supporters on Facebook Will Love"

"Facebook helps you bring others into your universe, and with the proper content you can engage them."

Great perspective from Beth Becker (@spedwybabs) on ActionSprout's webinar - "Create Content Your Supporters on Facebook Will Love". 

I participated on the webinar on Tuesday, March 31st, and below are 3 main takeaways along with a whole bunch of easy-to-consume pro-tips, suggestions, and nuggets of wisdom in the Storify:

- Invest time up front on creating "Evergreen" content and in ways to crowdsource content

- "Getting 'Page Likes'" should not be the end goal, the end goal is engagement

- Build community

Also, here is a recording of the webinar for those of you that want to soak up the knowledge and Facebook content goodness. 

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