The Future of the Ad World

In the course of about three months I went from being a college senior living the controlled chaos that is the college life to having a full-time job as an advertising professional. Even though my professional career is still in its infancy stage, my passion for advertising started years ago; which is why I’d like to share my opinion on where this industry is headed and what we should be on the look out for.


Let’s start with social networking. Google is working on their own social networking site to compete against the hegemon that is Facebook. Their main goal, I believe and am sure most of you will agree, is to increase their already obscene advertising revenue. They not only have the resources and brain power to design a new breed of social networking site, but also the technology to leave most competitors behind. My guess is that within a few years online shoppers will be making a large amount of their purchases directly form social networking sites. Also, Google will continue to challenge Apple for world dominance and both companies will become key aspects of our every day life. Even more so than now.

Side note: Google’s 2010 Ad Revenue is almost at $13 billion. This number is well on track to surpass 2009’s $23 billions earned.

On to experiential advertising. The current boom of 3-D and mobile technologies, entrepreneurial spirit, abundance of professionals and diminished supply of jobs lends itself to be the perfect storm for non-traditional advertising. Pretty soon we won’t be seeing or hearing a company’s message but directly experiencing. Experiential marketing presents great opportunities for those companies who embrace change. For those who don’t the future might not be too kind. Ingenious advertising on 3-D video games. Any takers?


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