"SM as a professional Development Tool" Workshop w Latinas In STEM

Balance of the right content, building relationships, sharing results and opinions - all things we discussed during this workshop with the Latinas in STEM Foundation. 

The goal was for attendees to walk out of the workshop more prepared and inspired to use social media as something they can leverage in developing professional opportunities. 

We opened with brief introductions and then focused on the following:

LinkedIn Basics:

- Highlight accomplishments with concrete results in the descriptions of your different experiences

- Use LinkedIn to search for decision-makers and to be found by future employers

- Get and give recommendations

- Embrace InMail as a very legitimate way to make initial contact

- Use long-form posts to drive traffic to your profile and to highlight what you know

- Join groups to find like-minded professionals and experts in the fields you care about


Twitter Basics:

- Consider your profile picture+header picture+bio your 1st introduction

- Use Twitter to tell your story and provide context as to what you're really about

- Create balance between content about your "personal" life and your profession

- Connect people 

- Aim to get mentioned by users with large followings

- Start and participate in conversations


Facebook Basics:

- Use screenshots to get nice imagery

- Tag influential and relevant people/3rd parties in your posts

- Join groups to find like-minded professionals and experts in the fields you care about

- Use the chat function to connect with many people quickly, but tailor the messaging


General pro-tips:

- Gradually build up your social media, don't feel pressured to do it all at once

- Look for commonalities

- Scan social media before events

- Search is your friend

- Pictures matter

- Be a connector

- Own your brand

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