Social Media as a Professional Development Tool - Leaders on Fast Track, Hispanic Heritage Foundation

This was a workshop and presentation on how social media can be leveraged as a professional development tool with Leaders On Fast Track of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

We focused on 3 core pillars: 
- Owning and telling our personal stories as a way to develop opportunities and connections 

- Building and growing a personal brand that connects the right skills and keywords to your name 

- Learning to operate digital tools so that eventually you can build and sustain an infrastructure 

Each point carried a personal story that illustrated how to to implement it. 

Before starting open discussion I shared a handful of specific tactics and recommendations

- Gradually build it all up - have pace and patience 
- Use screenshots to create high-quality images 
- Speak on panels, workshops, events 
- Go from an online public interaction, to a DM, to a professional coffee 
- Use LinkedIn & Twitter notifications as additions to email followup 
- Request LinkedIn recommendations 
- Scan social media before events 
- Connect people to each other 
- Buy your domain 

Along the way participants filled out a paper guide that asked them to note down the following: 
- 3 words or phrases that summarize personal stories 
- 3 keywords that describe professional skills or aspirations 
- 3 tools they commit to learning how to use in the coming months

Download the paper guide here.


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