Online Engagement & Digital Tools Webinar w/ New American Leaders Project

This webinar was focused on driving online engagement, utilizing digital tools for community organizing, and building influence online. It was hosted by The New American Leaders Project and I was joined by a representative from the New York Civic Engagement Table (VAN). 

Below is a summary of the webinar, along with the main concepts I drove home, and a SlideShare of the deck used. 


The main themes were:

· How to collect and use data properly. 
· How to build your online community 
· The importance of proper online strategy and engagement

My portion is from minute two, to minute 17, and then again during the Q&A session at min 34:

Or just check out the deck used to help guide the conversation:

During my portion, I highlighted these core concepts:

- Humanize your data so that you understand the person on the other end of it. Do this by collecting the right information and hyper-segment around goals and resources, and by mapping out your supporters to help inform decisions. 

- Grow support and leadership within your movement by being flexible and presenting multiple ways for supporters to engage. Ask yourself "How many ways can a supporter show love?" - vote pledge, host a fundraiser, tweet your content, phone bank, write blog posts, donation pledge, fundraise...the list continues.

- Utilize Twitter imports to connect w your allies' & competitors' communities and to find new people who should join your organizing efforts.  

- Use broadcasters to bring in data from Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts. One ask to make of a supporting organization is to share social media data as a way to build engagement.

- Have fun and gamify the community building experience. Use leaderboards and personal fundraising pages to bring friendly competition, digital campaigns, points, and a more human experience into your organizing efforts.   

If you want to continue this conversation or want to follow up on any of the topics discussed above contact me at or on Twitter at @JuanSVas

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