Relationship building with Twitter

This internal workshop was crafted for NationBuilder employees in collaboration with the training team. During the workshop we discussed:


1. Twitter as a TOOL to build relationships & help keep dialogue flowing

2. Tactics for creating original content

3. Tactics for curating and repurposing content

After a brief discussion over concepts and tactics (20 minutes), we facilitated a hands-on activity that offered participants opportunities to put the ideas discussed to the test. The activity was comprised of 10 challenges (some examples below), and ran for approximately 20 minutes. We shared and debriefed for 10 to close off.

Below was the framing provided to the participants.

The problem

There is content that we all share among ourselves that we don’t share with our community on Twitter (articles, HOW TO guides, customer projects that go live).

The solution

We’ll help you define your voice and curate content better on Twitter so you can become an influential part of your online community.

Why you should come

Honing your twitter voice will let you take ownership of content that NationBuilder has, and share ideas in a way that focuses on education. Then, when you have something important to say, you’ll have an audience ready- and eager- to listen.

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