Facebook for Advocacy - National Council of Jewish Women LA

My fellow New Leaders Council alumni Maya Paley invited to facilitate a training on Facebook as an Advocacy Tool as part of her Advocacy Training Project with the National Council of Jewish Women LA.  

As part of the NCJWLA Advocacy Training Project, a cohort of about 20 or so leaders go through different parts of advocacy - organizing, message framing, actions, etc. 


I broke down the training into 3 main parts:

  • Basic concepts to help frame the conversation
  • Tactics to leverage specific Facebook features to increase advocacy efforts
  • General protips 
  • Working group with the entire cohort for them to wrap it all together


The different sections of the training dove into the following pieces of building advocacy through Facebook

Basic Concepts

  • Focus on creating relationships & having conversations, not on getting likes
  • Figure out what types of asks you have to make & the varying levels of commitment they will require from your supporter
  • Share content responsibly, and make conversations solution-driven



Tactics With Specific Features

  • Join Facebook Groups that align with your advocacy efforts. First build relationships by adding comments to other people's posts, and gradually grow your presence by sharing useful, relevant information.
  • Organize actions with Events. Invite supporters to vote, petition, endorse, lobby, or donate collectively on the same day, even if you don't have an official, physical venue to gather people at. 
  • Build Facebook Apps and run actions directly in Facebook using ShortStack or Action Sprout. You can do a lot with no coding, and by keeping your supporters IN Facebook you increase the likelihood that more people will do the action. 
  • Offer Albums to potential sponsors. Help Facebook also *fund* your advocacy efforts by naming a Facebook Album from an event after a sponsor. 
  • Do a Facebook Chat Bank. Along with phone banking and door knocking, go through your Friends list, pop open all the relevant chat windows, and do some targeted and thoughtful Facebook outreach. To avoid getting flagged as a spammer, create 2 or 3 different versions of the same message and vary up the links you point people to. 



General Protips

  • Create branded profile pictures (ideal dimensions are 180x180 px) and header images (ideal dimensions are 851x315px), include a hashtag and/or call to action
  • Only do paid Facebook advertising if you have a highly targeted, specific, and segmented audiences
  • For the most part, Facebook Groups build tighter communities, but Pages can create more awareness
  • Recruit a team of "champions" to help you spread your content
  • Upload videos directly to FB whenever possible, they will perform better than those posted from YouTube
  • *NO MATTER WHAT, Tell your story* 


Let's connect, find me on Twitter at @JuanSVas

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