Digital Organizing for Nonprofits - SHPE NILA 2015

This workshop was prepared for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) as part of their National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA 2015). 

I presented this to a room of roughly 35 elected leaders for SHPE's various local professional chapters. In this workshop I used origami to bring in a hands on element, make the learning experience more dynamic, and for participants to have a reminder of their social media goals and ideas. 


The goal of this workshop was for the group to feel more comfortable using social media to accomplish organizational goals. To do this we covered three main concepts: 

1. Create purpose in your social media content 
2. Tell stories 
3. Organize your community 


To illustrate each of the three main concepts, I shared different stories that highlighted pro tips in leveraging social media. Below were some of the specific points that came out of the workshop:

- Align what you do in social media with what you are trying to accomplish as a local chapter or organization 

- Identify your most supportive champions - the ones that believe in you and your organization's work - and recruit them to help you share content

- Aim to create "evergreen content" and templates that help you amass a bulk amount of of social media content

- Export your LinkedIn contacts, email address, cell phone numbers, Twitter supporters, and any other source of data; Then Import it into a CRM (customer relationship management software) so that you can own and segment as needed

- Brainstorm all of the ways community members can show love, and if they are not at a place where they can give you what you want, give them other options as to how they can support your organizational efforts


- Use data to help you inform decisions

- Leverage digital tools to help you *enhance* what you're already doing -TweetDeck, ShortStack, Storify, and Accurate Append are suggested tools to explore

- Implement a "Twitter Timeout" into your next event, which is a real-time Twitter blast where everyone tweets/shares out the same text, hashtags, and includes a picture of those participating and/or themselves (tagging the organization in the picture is invaluable) 


- Utilize text keywords to build support amongst community members who are not comfortable with social media, in settings where connectivity is an issue, or simply as additional way for supporters to engage with your organization 

As the workshop progressed I matched up the folds to build the origami "Twitter bird" with learning objectives discussed, so workshop attendees wrote down answers to questions like:


- "What is 1 goal that social media can help you accomplish?"

- "Who is 1 person who can help you make this goal happen?"

- "What are three ways people can show love for your organization"

And many more! When the workshop concluded participants had a small but hopefully memorable, hand-made souvenir to keep them on track in aligning social media with organizational goals.  

If you're interested in connecting on any or all of the concepts discussed you can reach me via LinkedIn and Twitter

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