Stepping Up Your Digital Game: New Leaders Council Training 2016

The New Leaders Council is a great organization that is building legions of progressive, dedicated, and versatile leaders across the country. As an alumni of the program and past trainer, I was excited to be invited back to facilitate a training on how organizations, campaigns, and individuals can better leverage the digital space to accomplish organizational goals. 


There are a few ways to do this, yet the workshop focused on having three concepts work together and unison:

1. Tell Stories That Connect

2. Prioritize Real Time Engagement

3. Grow 1 Community Through Another

After discussing the concepts and tactics in the deck below, the 20 leaders in the room broke off into three teams, each tasked with answering 1 question by providing a handful of deliverables. You can download the presentation deck shown above and the accompanying activity handout pictured below.


1. Tell Stories That Connect by asking the right questions to the people you serve, and building a library of their testimonials. Joyful moments and stories of personal growth and perfect stories to share with past, current, and future supporters as a way to grow their level of commitment. Get creative with micro-videos and take advantage of highly targeted paid advertising (seriously though, HIGHLY, HIGHLY targeted).

2. Prioritize Real-Time Engagement by learning from analytics, reacting to notifications quickly, and growing a team. Almost all social media platforms will educate you about your audience or you can use third party tools to figure that out - once you do, share STORIES THAT CONNECT during the times your audience are most active and with the messaging that will resonate with them. Since there is so much content already out there, you'll want to respond to engagement quickly, as the faster you engage the more relevant that interaction is. Lastly, most organizations devote one person or a tiny team to their digital efforts, so figure out what employees have established digital presences and bring them into the fold, or recruit those supporters that are always engaging with your content to commit to amplify your message by sharing it more continuously and strategically. 

3. Leverage One Community To Grow Another by identifying where support already exists, outreaching to the right people by doing highly targeted outreach, and creating continuity between communities. So find them people on your Facebook page who also have active Twitter followings and bring them closer into the fold, or use third-party tools to absorb and segment data from other organizations' communities and target them. You'll want to avoid ONLY sharing the same content across all channels, as you must create added value for those members who follow you everywhere. 

Here are some extra tips and some of my favorite digital tools for outreach, data collection, and more: 



I invite you to check out some of my other workshops and blogs, just click the clinks. 

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