App Prototype Workshop with Nuevo South

This is a fun workshop that I like to do in smaller groups and when time is flexible. I have to give a shoutout to Griselda Vargas for finding the app and bringing it into the curriculum for Teens Exploring Technology.

Anyways, the idea here is build a prototype of an app idea in about 1 hour. I recently did this at Nuevo South, where I do volunteer coaching and mentorship.

The group and I first discussed some principles of entrepreneurship and then we started creating. Here’s the breakdown:


Identify the app you want to build.

Think about the functionality it would have and the experience a user would have.

Draw each “screen” of you app - meaning what a user would see on the screen. I usually ask people to do at least 5.

Take individual pictures of your app’s screens using POP.

Add “hotzones” over the respective parts of each screen and select what screen they redirect the user to. You are making it so that if I click on “start game” I get taken to screen where the game kicks off.

Give yourself a high-five, you just made a working prototype.



The outcomes here are deeper understandings of user experience design, entrepreneurship, market validation, understanding an audience, and some of the possible ways to get started on building a product or business.

Here is a HuffPost piece on the time I did this workshop at the 2013 PorColombia Student & Young Professional Conference.

Hit me up if you want to learn more about doing this with your organization or for an event.

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