Creating Effective Content - Voto Latino #VLPowerSummit Sacramento

Voto Latino's Power Summits are one of my favorite events of the year. This Sacramento edition was my 6th one as a speaker, and I was given the full 90 minute "Stealing the Spotlight" session all to myself. The focus was on effective content creation, how technology impacts it, how to combat a crowded 24-news cycle, and the ways media affects behavior.

In total we had a 45 minute discussion with a 20 minute activity and a 5 min share-out.  


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Battling Bureaucracy: Keeping Your Data Projects Moving

I'm finding that it's more and more important to talk about the human aspect of technology, especially at conferences that dive deep into the technical aspects of a discipline. 

This is the mentality I embraced when speaking at the SoCal Data Science Conference 2016, held at the University of Southern California on September 25, 2016. 

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Dealing with Data Discomfort: Getting Bureaucrats to Embrace Data & Analytics

I had the opportunity to speak at Big Data Day LA 2016 about my work with the Mayor's Operations Innovation Team and how the various tactics we use to ensure data-driven projects don't get stuck or squashed due to bureaucracy. 

The presentation focused on 3 core principles - Simplify, Educate, Contextualize. I shared 3 stories, each speaking to one of the 3 points just mentioned, and then we had a healthy Q&A. 


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Data + Collaboration + Tech build Positive Pipeline

Leaders on Fast Track, created by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, hosted the 2015 LOFT Retreat to drive dialogue and create awareness about leadership, empowerment, entrepreneurship, and collaboration within Latino and African American communities with a focus on youth and emerging leaders. 

My discussion focused on using data, technology, and collaboration so that organizations like the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Voto Latino can be more proactive in the impact they have on a young person's life. 


The bottom line here is that if both local and national organizations embrace an infrastructure that allows them to know when a middle schooler shows initiative, they can better share and create scholarship, internship, volunteer, and general engagement opportunities. 


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Bringing New Tech to Latin America & Spain

#VentureInLA hosted a pitch night at General Assembly Santa Monica where I had a chance to share my learnings and tips on how we've gone about growing our communities of NationBuilder users across Central America, South America, and Spain.

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Own your brand - Lessons on personal branding

In my own words, NationBuilder encourages a lot of shared learning, which is why we do Demo Day every Friday.

I was asked to give a talk on personal branding, how it ties into my work as an organizer with the company, and tips on developing thought leadership. 

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