Digital Organizing Tools

Tools exist to help us accomplish what we seek out to accomplish. 

In conversation, meetings, workshops, panels, etc. people ask about digital tools to help them with their organizing, outreach, sales, etc. efforts. Below is a sweet list of tools I've used to different capacities. 

There are no amount of words I can type of tutorials that you watch that will replace playing around with a tool for a few minutes. Most of these are free or offer free trial periods, so go forth and digital. 


*Feel free to suggest the tools you like to use in the comments section below*

NationBuilder - tool for leaders to organize and mobilize communities

YouTube (Ejemplo presupuesto participativo)

Loomio - make decisions as a groups

Twitter* - have conversations 

Facebook Paginas* y Grupos - build community

Twubs - find hashtags/conversations about the topics that matter to you 

Action Sprout* - create forms and surveys to collect info within your Facebook page

Scup - monitor what is being said about you and the things you care about 

Blurrt - monitor what is being said about you and the things you care about 

Tweet Archivist - find and export lists of people who use a specific hashtag (list can be imported into NationBuilder)

Accurate Append* - verify and append data, including emails, phone numbers, and physical addresses

Follower Wonk - find people with influence based on keywords in their Twitter bios

Storify* - tell stories using the posts, tweets, pictures, etc. shared by your community

123 Contact Form* - create and embed forms to collect info on your website 

Tweet Deck - monitor and manage different Twitter accounts at the same time

Slideshare* - Upload your presentations and decks to make them easily embeddable/shareable for the interwebz 

Instagram - tell stories using images and videos 

CallHub*- international SMS - shorten and track specific links 

TweetChat - run and monitor Twitter parties/chats

POP App - turn app ideas into functional prototypes using your phone, something to write on and something to write with (workshop example)

*integrates with NationBuilder

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