Social Media as a Professional Development Tool - Leaders on Fast Track, Hispanic Heritage Foundation

This was a workshop and presentation on how social media can be leveraged as a professional development tool with Leaders On Fast Track of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

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Stepping Up Your Digital Game: New Leaders Council Training 2016

The New Leaders Council is a great organization that is building legions of progressive, dedicated, and versatile leaders across the country. As an alumni of the program and past trainer, I was excited to be invited back to facilitate a training on how organizations, campaigns, and individuals can better leverage the digital space to accomplish organizational goals. 


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Digital Organizing for Nonprofits - SHPE NILA 2015

This workshop was prepared for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) as part of their National Institute for Leadership Advancement (NILA 2015). 

I presented this to a room of roughly 35 elected leaders for SHPE's various local professional chapters. In this workshop I used origami to bring in a hands on element, make the learning experience more dynamic, and for participants to have a reminder of their social media goals and ideas. 


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Twitter Chats to build community - Community Health Councils

Twitter Chats are a great way to enhance organizing efforts and to activate a base of your supporters that might not currently engage offline, who prefer to show support online, and/or who are not in the immediate geographical area. 

They are also a fun way to drive conversation, connect members of your community with each other, learn about what your supporters care about, and to create awareness.

This training was organized with Community Health Councils and brought together partners in the food advocacy space, like Roots of Change, California Food Policy Advocates, California Center for Public Health Advocacy and other great partners. I'll take a quick opportunity to thank our host, Indie Desk, for opening up it's doors and allowing us to use the space. 

Along with this training, here are 8 tips on making the most out of a Twitter Chat and a case study on Community Health Council's #SugarCoatedFuture Twitter Chat

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Facebook for Advocacy - National Council of Jewish Women LA

My fellow New Leaders Council alumni Maya Paley invited to facilitate a training on Facebook as an Advocacy Tool as part of her Advocacy Training Project with the National Council of Jewish Women LA.  

As part of the NCJWLA Advocacy Training Project, a cohort of about 20 or so leaders go through different parts of advocacy - organizing, message framing, actions, etc. 


I broke down the training into 3 main parts:

  • Basic concepts to help frame the conversation
  • Tactics to leverage specific Facebook features to increase advocacy efforts
  • General protips 
  • Working group with the entire cohort for them to wrap it all together


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"SM as a professional Development Tool" Workshop w Latinas In STEM

Balance of the right content, building relationships, sharing results and opinions - all things we discussed during this workshop with the Latinas in STEM Foundation. 

The goal was for attendees to walk out of the workshop more prepared and inspired to use social media as something they can leverage in developing professional opportunities. 

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LinkedIn+Social Media for Young Pros - Cal St LA Hispanic Business Association

The Hispanic Business Association at Cal State LA invited me to lead a workshop on using LinkedIn and Social Media as a tool for career development for young professionals.


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Social Networking IRL - How to network offline using online tools

As part of the Region 2 Leadership Conference for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), I created this workshop around building meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships and the role technology/social media plays in offline networking. 

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Social Media + Digital Organizing for Nonprofits & Community Groups

This hands-on workshop focused on modern strategies and tactics for nonprofit and community groups to implement in order to create a bigger impact within their communities. 

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Relationship building with Twitter

This internal workshop was crafted for NationBuilder employees in collaboration with the training team. During the workshop we discussed:


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