Make the most of Twitter chats in 8 easy steps

Here is the thing, there will always be new people who should know about your work and impact. Twitter is a great tool to find them, and Twitter chats or parties are some of the funnest ways of meeting them. 

Below are some pointers on participating in Twitter chats and live tweeting, and at the end of this post I’ve included a link to the weekly scheduled chats I participate in. 


1. Find the proper hashtag, moderator and any special guests that will be participating.

2. Set up columns for the event hashtag, moderator, and special guests on TweetDeck or your platform of choice. Give yourself 15 minutes to set up, have something to drink by you, and go to the bathroom ahead of time. 

3. Once the live conversation starts, I like to be one of the 1st to answer questions so that I can quickly shift my focus to others’ answers. 

4. After providing an answer to the moderator’s question(s), scan through the profiles of people who have also answered and be selective on who you engage with. This is a great time to build allies, get more followers, and create starting points for awesome relationships. 

5. After the Twitter chat, go back through your interactions, scan the Twitter chat feed, and pick out the people you’d like to have follow up conversations with. 

6. Engage them with a direct tweet or message asking for a way to connect and a follow-up Google Hangout, Skype or phone call. 

7. Create a Storify summarizing your experience and aggregate insightful, relevant tweets.

8. Post the Storify along with a short list of major highlights right on your site

Now that you have a sense of how to rock Twitter chats, go find some that fit into the work you do, check out the ones I participate in, and please share some of your favorites in the comments section below.

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