Online Engagement & Digital Tools Webinar w/ New American Leaders Project

This webinar was focused on driving online engagement, utilizing digital tools for community organizing, and building influence online. It was hosted by The New American Leaders Project and I was joined by a representative from the New York Civic Engagement Table (VAN). 

Below is a summary of the webinar, along with the main concepts I drove home, and a SlideShare of the deck used. 


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Participación Digital y Política: Transparencia en Gobiernos Locales

Esta presentación fue preparada para el International Republican Institute sobre participación digital y politica, con énfasis en transparencia en gobiernos locales. 

Abrimos con la idea de que la participación va mano a mano con la transparencia y la comunidad. 

Bajo este lente (participacion : transparencia : comunidad), exploramos tres temas.

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Tecnologia y Grassroots - George Washington University Guest Lecture

This discussion is special to me because one of my dreams is to be a graduation keynote speaker at my Alma Mater, the University of Florida. I feel like being a guest speaker for the George Washington University Master's in Political Management is a step in the right direction. It makes it even more special because I was invited to speak about the different uses of technology in grassroots organizing. 

Special thanks to Ricardo Castillo for the opportunity. 


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