Vasquez Says

About Me

My name is Juan Sebastian Vasquez, and I am a data and communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in information management, strategic engagement, system configuration, and storytelling .

My career began in ad agencies, with chapters in government, politics, tech, and nonprofits. Currently, I'm the Data Programs Manager at the Los Angeles Office of Finance.

I also offer my services as a freelance instructor, facilitator, and strategist.

In the past four years I have taught more than 25 workshops and spoken at more than 30 conferences, summits, and events on topics like data for good, effective map-based apps for decision makers, and creative digital strategies for grassroots campaigns.

I was born in Colombia, moved to Florida when I was 11, relocated to Los Angeles in 2012, and now live in the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles with my girlfriend.