Unique Career Accomplishments

Below are a few projects I'm particularly proud of.

Manual for Public Good through Big Data (translated - original title: Manual Sobre la Utilidad la Big Data para Bienes Públicos)

I was part of a 30-person global team who co-authored a book on how governments and other public entities can positively impact society with and through data.

This project was organized by the Spain-based Ortega y Gasset Foundation, which specializes in transparency and democracy in government.

Each of the co-authors contributed a chapter. Mine focused on how I lead the data efforts to build Los Angeles' real estate portfolio and use cases on managing public-private partnerships.

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Manual sobre la utilidad la Big Data para bienes públicos Juan Vasquez.pdf

Innovation Models in the Private Sector Online Class (translated - Modelos de innovación para el sector público)

I served as an online instructor in the "Leadership in Digital and Innovation" program by Goberna's School of Politics & Government.

The class focused on use cases of government reform using data analysis, storytelling, and strategic partnerships.

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Juan Vasquez Video 4 de 4, Estado Actual.mp4
Juan Vasquez Video 3 de 4, Presentacion Visual y Trabajando con Unis.mp4