Professional Services in Digital & Location-Based Strategies

I offer freelance and contract services in a variety of specific topics, all under the umbrellas of digital strategy and/or location-based strategy. You can hire me as a(n):

1. Instructor to teach staff, community members, and/or leadership in a "classroom" dynamic. In our time together, 80% of my time will be spent teaching and 20% guiding activities around concepts. (Ideal format: 5 - 30 members, 2 - 4 hours)

2. Facilitator/Strategist to dig for actionable insights as leadership and key stakeholder groups collectively build a vision and roadmap. I will ask strategic, probing questions, create space for all to talk, and work through map and data-centric activities to enhance planning efforts.

3. Analyst to execute specific projects with a clear problem statement, set of milestones, and agreed-upon deliverable in line with the projects highlighted in my Portfolio page.

4. Public Speaking Coach to help individuals and small groups become effective and confident speakers.

My services are available for hire at a minimum of 4 hours, and hourly cost varies between $50 and $125 based on the scope of the opportunity. More technical topics carry higher hourly rates.

Special rates and packages available based on multi-session contracts, and organization's intention, goals, needs, and area of work.

If you'd like an estimate, please fill out the form below.

Reference sample topics, activities, and documents below the form.

Based on needs, you can mix-and-match topics like:

  • Storytelling Through Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Actionable Insights Through Open Data and Mapping Tools

  • Maximizing Your Existing Data

  • Creating Thoughtful Content with Little Resources

  • Social Media and Digital Organizing 101

  • Running Events on Facebook

  • Driving Action Through Organic Facebook Outreach

  • Making the Most of Twitter Chats

  • LinkedIn as a Professional Development Tool

  • Building and Working With Microsites and Landing Pages

  • Tracking Content and Campaign Performance

  • Landscape of Free Web Tools

  • Stock Photography & Scrappy Video

  • Email Marketing Best Practices

*Custom curriculum available based on organization's goals.

Activities are key to better understand and implement concepts.

Like with topics, activities can be mixed-and-matched based on goals and needs:

  • "Asks" charting based on impact and effort

  • Rapid campaign development

  • Application wireframe design

  • "Dive" for Open Data insights

  • Local resource mapping

  • Create and explore custom territories

  • Analyze & leverage Twitter communities

  • Templating "Asks" in social media and email marketing

  • Keywords sprints

*Custom activities available based on organization's goals.

Sample materials created to guide trainings and to summarize learnings.

One-Pager of Tactics, Ask Templates, Impact vs Effort
Deck for 3rd Class: Photo & Video, Freelancers, Data & Storytelling